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Finding The Right NJ IT Support

Maximizing the usage of modern technologies is paramount to any business to stay in the competition and gain customers. Without using updated information technology, you can’t count on beating your business competitors. However, employing a full time IT staff may … Continue reading

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Will BlackBerry use its Passport to go home?

With some fanfare, Blackberry has rolled out its Passport; but it isn’t the phone that is really catching people’s attention. It’s the statement they are making about their priorities with the release of the phone. The Passport may allow them … Continue reading

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Is LinkedIn finally viable?

Just about everyone has a LinkedIn account, but very few people know how to use the network to their advantages. For many people, it is treated as a dynamic resume on line. They can connect with people in their industries, … Continue reading

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Facebook and the implications of the satire tag

One of the stories that hit the media was Facebook beginning to mark third party and promoted posts as “satire” when possible. This has led to a discussion about the prevalence of news stories, and viral stories online, that take … Continue reading

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The problem with thin cases and mobile devices

It would be unfair to claim that the cases for the new iPhones are bending in users pockets, but there is a growing thread online that shows exactly that happening. Many people are pointing to the aluminum material they are … Continue reading

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Is Twitter still viable for marketing?

Twitter is still going strong, without anyone being able to create significant ROI on the platform.  Companies still pour money into it, just waiting for a monetization avenue to appear – and it doesn’t seem to be arriving. What they … Continue reading

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